What In The Hell Is That? — 20 Comments

  1. It is a fungus off of a tree…usually near the base. I had a Native American friend who used to go into the woods in southern Oregon and find them. He would let them dry out and create beautiful pen and ink drawings on them of the local area.

  2. Perhaps a rare example of the mysterious mucho grande truffle discovered by Misty, a highly trained and skilled truffle hunter.

  3. common name=Artist’s conk
    Ganoderma lucidum is the latin term.

    Used for folk art/line drawing on the bottom of this specie of polypore.

  4. It`s a dried wood ear mushroom-thay taste great when they`re young and tender.

  5. It is the middle of a wagon wheel, I have one that was converted into a hanging lamp!

  6. I don’t know what people i n other areas call it, but in these woods, we call it Turkey Tail. It is an edible mushroom, and Robby is right, they are quite tasty when young and tender.

  7. I’m a retired forester, and this is definitely a dried up conk, the fruiting body of a shelf fungus that grows on a tree trunk. Many different fungi make these conks, and, when fresh, the bottom where the spores come out is soft enough to etch designs onto, so they are sometimes referred to as artist’s conk.

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