What In The Hell Is That? — 23 Comments

  1. Those are called “hog ties” . They are frequently used in the model home decorating business to clamp fabric items together so they don’t get stolen! You close them with pliers, and they are very hard to open. (OOPS this comment goes to photo below)

  2. I am assuming this is wood — what it looks like to me is a piece of African art — my parents lived in West Africa for many years and were big colelctors. I have never seen anything quite like this, however. Is it a bird?

  3. My first thought was a statue of a “jaberwaukie”. Definitely a hand carved statue of some bird or beast. A large billed bird or possibly a totem of a native people.

  4. Looks like a DAN ceremonial dance mask from West Africa. Its worn on the head with raffia covering the body beneath.

  5. If I were to bet, I beleive that they look like they take mud off your boots,or you take your boots off with them.

  6. ooooooooohhhhhh……… those Headhunters are not going to like you having that!
    Their Great Parrot God is going to come and poop on your car !

  7. Once I looked at it…I started having vision problems…..things are going dark……

  8. If you’ve seen the movie Labryinth, it’s the helmet that the man in the labryinth wore… and the bird on top talks. :-)

  9. Could you please model this with the raffia and such. Movie with totem dance would be helpful, too.

    May be ceremonial headdress for a narrow-minded chief. :-)

  10. It looks like there are several carvings, they do look African in style and the dark color that much of the native wood there is….but the fact that the bottom of the legs is light-colored says that the color is just stain and the motif seems to be a version of the “see no evil” monkeys. I remember seeing similar at some home decor store in the 1990’s.

  11. These were used for decorative adornments on furniture. Like bedposts, chairs, etc

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