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  1. Fencing pliers; used for things like pulling staples for barbed wire or other type of wire fencing from posts. Very useful utility tool.

  2. #3 has it right it is a fence tool used mostly on farms and ranches in fact I have one in my shop

  3. Looks like an old style Lineman’s tool of some sort with wire cutters, crimpers, nail extractor-nail head cutter, hammer, and pliers….the original Leatherman :)

  4. It looks like the tool our farrier uses to remove horseshoe nails from the horses hooves.

  5. It is definitely a barbed wire fencing tool. The pointed end was used to pull staples out of the post. The “hammer” end was a hammer to drive a staple into the post. There are wire cutters on each side. The “pliers teeth” on the handles were used as pliers to pull the barbed wire tight while someone else used another of these tools to hammer a staple into the post to fasten the tightened wire. You could also grip the wire with the funny teeth, put the rounded part of the pointed end against the post and have leverage to tighten the wire. Used one of those more than once.

  6. OMG! That is so horribly cruel! Why on earth would you castrate your sheep with pliers? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Bend over and lets see how you like it!

  7. They are fencing pliers. Strip, cut, twist wire, pull fencing staples/nails, also has a hammerhead to put staples and nails back into posts.
    Great additon to any saddlebags, as you can also reset horseshoes with them…
    Don’t ask.

  8. This combination tool is easily carried and will do most jobs involving staples, wire netting, nails and barbed wire.

    They are known as fencing pliers or combination pliers, and will perform the following duties:-

    Cutting wire or nails, hammering nails or staples, pulling out nails or staples, stretching barbed wire, forming loops in wire, crimping ferrules on to wire,
    twisting strands of wire.

    They are easy to use and are readily obtainable. Prices vary from expensive to very cheap.

    Most often used by ranchers to construct or repair barbed wire fences.

  9. They`re fencing pliers, but they`re also great for cutting chainmail rings apart if you`re making armor

  10. Fencing tool(combination pliers)
    Used them on the farm.

    Used to extract staples, hammer in staples, strain wire, cut wire.

  11. Here is the deal…. My grandma told my daddy and my daddy told me (as some have stated above) this is a tool, “a tool used for horse shoo’in. and don’t be using it for nothin’ else…. now put it back where you found it”

  12. I’ve mended fences in my day. These are fencing pliers. They also work really well for cutting wires on hay bales.

  13. I don’t ranch but I live here in the midwest and been to a lot of the museums like Cowtown etc and them there is barbed wire fencing pliers… but I’d prolly use one for pulling up other stuff too, kinda like having a claw hammer without the hammer part. Seems like I’ve seen newer versions of these at Atwood’s too…

  14. Yes its a FENCING PLIERS, and they are still very much around here in New Zealand. I have a claw hammer, between the low-stooping claws and the handle-top, is a groove with ballbearing in it, leads to a square (nail head extractor ? ) hole. Is this a farriers/blacksmiths shoe-hammer ? its old, and the bearings are still in it. solid stuff !

  15. Dental tool! It was invented in 1837 by Dr. Fenton J. Macabre (whose name, incidentally, has been associated with items of torture since the invention of this tool) for use on President Andrew Jackson. Due to his proclivity for the excessive use of alcohol, (and with apologies to any of his descendants who may be reading this) he had a tendency to fall, often breaking his teeth. The pointed end of the tool was used to remove broken teeth. The hole located in the top of the pliers was to grip teeth when pulling them. The ribbed areas were used to remove excess gum tissue. The heavy tool was sometimes used, when alcohol was insufficient to the task, to render the patient unconscious for dental procedures. Mercifully, the surgical implement never caught on with Macabre’s peers.

  16. Fencing Pliers and they are great to use on scaffolding too. Especially if you are using 9 wire to tie down planks.

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