What In The Hell Is That? — 47 Comments

  1. I think they are olive pit holders-you know after you have an olive and you have to spit out the pit?? just guessing

  2. They are for poached eggs although I don’t know what they are called. My grandmother had some.

  3. They are egg poaching cups, probably part of a set of five or six that fit into a rack which sits atop a large skillet. Fill cups with egg, fill skillet with water, cover with lid and poach away!

  4. They look like they could be used as individual salt dishes to me.

  5. They are used to pour warm water into the chalice during the Orthodox Christian Divine Liturgy (Mass).

  6. They’re Celtic… and they’re bowls or cups… the handle is so you can pick it up and drink what’s in it…

  7. Portable drinking cups. They all sit in to each other and the contents of a flask or hipper is emptied in to them

  8. They are containers that hold a glass dish that butter is then put in.

  9. They are for wine tasting, for checking clarity. Use right side up for white wine and upside down (as the middle one)for red. Fill the depression and reflect light off of the bottom.

  10. In our Russian Orthodox church, they are used for sipping warmed wine right after receiving communion.

  11. Definitely porringers.
    I received two for new-baby gifts. The little dear had very fancy antique-like bowls for his first baby porridge!

  12. The “tool” I beleive is for cutting the nails of the shoes of a horse once you have re-shoed them. My grandfather had something like it and that is what he told me.

  13. These are for holding teabags after dunking. They usually come with a small strainer that fits over the top. Used in England

  14. The tool is a fencing plier. It is a multi tool for putting up fences, the blunt side can be used as a hammer, the pointed side can be used to pull fence staples out or to hook the loop end of a fence clip, the jaws cut wire, the jaws hold a nail to pull it out.

  15. I sold some in an estate sale that I gave. They’re Sommelier Cups for wine tasting. Cheryl

  16. These are definately tastevins that the french sommeliers used to use in wine cellars to test the taste and colour of the wine. You can still see waiters in the french restaurants wear these around thier necks, more for tradition than for use.

  17. They are for poached eggs although I don’t know what they are called. My grandmother had some.

  18. the are pewter porringers. if you google that, you’ll see a number of examples very similar to the ones pictured here.

  19. Egg poaching cups ….sit in holes of a ring over a sauce pan of boiling water

  20. If they are of a “modern” metal composition then used tea bag holders, my grandma had some she brought back from England in the 1950’s.

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