What In The Hell Is That? — 39 Comments

  1. Looks like an ash tray with an electric cigar/cigarette lighter. Nod off and drop that thing in your lap and you’ll understand the meaning of a hot time.

  2. Those objects are used to transmit IR radiation. Some people believe that when an electric current is passed into jade it emits energy in the IR spectrum – believed to bring comfort and healing. That’s why there are plugs attached

  3. changed my mind ; looks like some sort of smokeless ashtray with the dips in the end ; they look like places to rest the cigarettes.

  4. It is an ashtray with a smoke reducer, you plug it in while a cigarette is burning and the small fan inside pulls the smoke towards it making the immediate area free from smoke.

  5. It’s a giant electric cigar lighter and ash holder used by Governor Arnold in his smoking tent outside the capitol building. It was a gift from some antique nut.

  6. I am going with a “smokeless” ashtray. (an ashtray with a small fan attached to draw the smoke into a filter.

  7. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I would convert it to a lamp. Ten bucks says it glows like the old marbles made of that type of cullet.

  8. It’s an old fashioned bath toy for depressed rich people. No person of high social status and moral fiber would be caught dead in a tub holding an ordinary toaster…. Ordinary toasters were for the poor. These were for those who wanted a bit more dignity and style.

  9. We create such bizarre things…It must be an ash tray and lighter. Why do we create such weird little appliances? I have a quesadilla maker. What the hell?

  10. A truly weird sex toy vibrating something. Not that I would know anything about that! Tho I do love the guess (and name) of i8thecat! Do we ever get to find out what these things really are?

  11. This was a air purifier for smoking cigars, pipes, cigarettes. A good idea but loud and ineffective!

  12. Electric lighter and ash tray by Balmer-Westite, West Virginia LJ Houze Convex Glass Company. This marble-like glass is often referred to as Akro Agate glass.

    Rare 1930s Art Deco relic. Marbleized (slag / agate) glass ashtray and ‘innovative’ electric lighter made in the USA.

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