What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 18 Comments

  1. The other guessers are totally wrong about this. Any old timer who repairs watches would recognize this as a mainspring extraction tool for small women’s watches. Note how it has been carefully cared for all these years.

  2. I’m with Steve. Yes it is a nail puller for fine furniture. You put the jaws on each side of the nail and drive it into the wood with the slide hammer. (You may have to fille the hole afterwards.)

  3. I still use one. It’s a nail puller. I also have a older version from my grandfathers tool box.

  4. I’m almost positive it is an old hub cap remover. Kinda like a can opener for hub caps and the long piece rests on the rubber tire while removing it. Hey….it said best guess right!!!!

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