What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 22 Comments

  1. It is a Nettie Pot. It is used for rinsing your sinuses with salt water. I have one similar to this one.

  2. Looks like a teapot; everyon thinks Neti pot – my medical bachground says – Chamber Pot!

  3. I saw one on tv the other day and it was being used to flush out the person sinuses

  4. I know for a fact that it is an infant feeder. It is an antique. Although it would make a good neti pot.

  5. It seems to be a device for gravy that would seperate the rising grease from the gravy, so after the grease is poured out, it is the “good stuff” left.

  6. Opening on end too large for Netti, definitely not a chamber pot (too small) which leaves gravy boat or invalid feeder?

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