What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 58 Comments

  1. Hard to tell, without knowing the size of the object. Looks like it could be a thing to contain sand for letter writing with an ink pen.

  2. I’d go with incence holder or it could be to burn incence – charcoal on the bottom and the smoke out of the top.

  3. Good example of an early something but I wish I had it. The nautical theme is perhaps a hint as to its intended use. I tend to agree with the opium/tea holder depending on the size. Can I have it?

  4. It’s a seal. They used them to press the hot wax to seal envelopes. The nautical theme was used because it’s possible this belonged to a shipping company.

  5. Scrimshaw wax holder for the Captain when he signed his name to seal his sig on letters.

  6. Depending upon its size, it could be a holder for women’s elaborate glass hat pins.

  7. This is a Victorian Age, Scrim Shaw, Hat Pin Holder. Sailors would carve ivory trinkets for their sweet hearts while at sea.

  8. It’s a Victorian era Scrimshaw hat pin holder. Sailors made trinkets like this for their sweethearts whilst at sea, waiting for wind.

  9. It is not a wax seal, the wax would clog the holes in the top. It is a toothpick holder.

  10. Hi,
    I think it is definately a scrimshaw carved ivory item. Now to me
    I think is a salt & pepper shaker. or a toothpick holder.
    What ever it might be used for, it is a ivory carved items.
    How do we find out what it might be? I have looking for your estates sales and recommended to friends by giving them your name/address and ifo on how to contact you. You have one of the BEST sale items and fun items for all of us. Keep up your great job. My husband and I are retired and sure would like to work again, but just don’t know who would higher anyone in their 60’s. It looks like a fun place to work.

  11. I agree with Zeedee…….it’s to shake out a powder to help “set” ink from the old ink pens.

    Terrific item!!

  12. I haven’t read all the guesses, but I think this could be a container for talcum powder.

  13. It is used for shaking powders of many kinds from kitchen to bath. Really whatever you want to shake out of it!

  14. At the very top, it looks like an olive fork,or some sort of condiment fork….

  15. I think the holes are too small for toothpicks. Gotta’ be a needle holder/dispenser.

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