What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 34 Comments

  1. It is a recipe card holder. It holds stacks of those index cards people write recipes on.

  2. This is a match safe. It was used to keep matches high and dry for use by the hearth/wood/cook stove.

  3. letter holder badly antiqued with a 1960s paint.. too bad the patina would be great ..art deco and sweet.. strip it and let it sit outside in water to age cheers circa 1920 ?? cheers

  4. Looks like an item my grandmother used to hold matches to light the wood burning stove. Later my mother used it by the fireplace for the same purpose. It held the long matches.

  5. It looks like an old hanging or sitting incoming/outgoing mail organizer.

  6. It looks like a bronze letter sorter/desk accessory probably from the early 20th century by French artist, Albert Marionnet.

  7. Catchall for Bills, Letters, Reminders that hung on a wall near the desk, kitchen table or by the front door. I also believe it is made of Paper Mache! (sp?)

  8. It’s a man’s favorite tool to get into those hard to scratch places. The other end is a woman’s whip to tame her man. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

  9. There were three of these. One was a metal hand made piece circa 1800’s. The other two were either cast art decco repro from the 1950’s or a plaster cast repro from the late 1950’s.
    All had a complete “desk set” with letter opener, wall art, ink holder, pen holder.

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