What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 62 Comments

  1. It is a instrument for getting olives out of a bottle, My other answer is one that you might not want to publish. It is an instrument that goes inside places on a woman that gets the woman hot and ready for sex. LOLOLO you can use it or not. thanks

  2. It is a Moari (New Zealand native tribe) “cannibal” fork, used to ritually consume the flesh of another human being.

  3. Seriously. I once had a boyfriend who’s mother had several of these hanging on a wall (they’d lived for a time in New Zealand.) Creepy.

  4. Philipines manufactured relish spear which went with a wooden bowl set. Circa 1955 for olives, pickles, veges. Place on appetizer plate for parties…

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