What In The Hell Is That?

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What In The Hell Is That? — 62 Comments

  1. Something my wife would not so lovingly jab me with when she is angry (not that that ever happens.)

  2. It’s the business end of what’s called an Hawaiian sling. I’ve used one many times.

  3. Without peaking, I thought it was a Japaneses egg whisk. It looks bamboo to me.

    Though I like some of the creative comments;
    yarn felting tool or flower maker, round vegetable tool & family ‘persuader’.

    Whats a ‘frog gig’ is that for making ‘frog button closures’?
    Could be…

  4. It’s a hand treadle for spinning yarn from wool.

    Either that or an alien nose picker…

  5. Vibrating fork for raising worms.
    Stick the fork end in the ground. Rub the carved end against the grain with another stick. The vibrations to the ground cause the earthworms to come up.

  6. It’s a wooden tool called an Hawaiian sling. They are used to spear fish. When they spear the fish, the four prongs spread out and hold the fish so it can’t wiggle off. Besides decorative wood, they also come in utilitarian steel and brass. Metal slings usually have three prongs.

  7. It is a device that libraries (remember them) used to use to hold newspapers. The papers were threaded through the splines and the handle was used to pick it up and hold it in a rack. Should be a rubber grommett on the open end.

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