Junk trivia! Name that antique. Figure that thingamajig. Whatever you want to call it, we play a game in my business where we ponder, figure and try to find out, “What in the Hell is that?” Every liquidator, antique dealer, junk seller and used merchandise salesperson as well as most collectors, have come upon an item or two on a regular basis that stumps the brain and stimulates the imagination.

This is the premise for the site that you are on. We ask only that you do your best to decide via measurements, materials, content and visual aid, “What in the Hell is That?” a new object which we will post every week or so. Anyone wanting to play this game can pitch in their two cents worth. At the end of the week, we will tell you what the item is, unless we never find out, at which point we will have to guess: “What in the hell is that?”

Good luck and have fun, and if per chance you make the mistake of posting a comment with swear words or bad language, we reserve the right to edit such wording to be more user friendly to our family friendly site. Thanks for understanding in advance.

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    Thank you!